Our Mission

The mission of the Third Street Center is to build community and a sustainable future through a multi-tenant, mixed-use facility that models sustainability in its design and practice.

As as nonprofit organization, the Center brings together a diverse collection of nearly three dozen nonprofit organizations, artists and small businesses under one roof, leveraging their unique strengths. We offer long-term, affordable rental space, opportunities to work together creatively and efficiently to develop solutions that improve the lives of their clients and make our community and region better and more sustainable places.2015-03-10_1631

Our 2020 Board of Directors

Jim Kenney – President/Treasurer
Retired/Finance Sector

Colin Laird  – Secretary
Executive Director (not on board)

Kathy Feinsinger
Retired/Nurse, Valley View Hospital

Garret Jammeron
Vice President, Alpine Bank, Carbondale

Chris McDowell – Tenant Representative
Executive Director, Valley Health Alliance

Frank McSwain
Nonprofit/Fundraising Consultant

Erica Sparhawk – Town Trustee Representative
Trustee, Town of Carbondale
Program Manager, Clean Energy Economy for the Region

Andrea Stewart – Tenant Representative
Executive Director, Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

Special Thanks to Dick Hart, who a served on the Board from 2012-2019.

We are grateful for his commitment and support enthusiasm for the Third Street Center.

Our Staff

Colin Laird
Executive Director

Mark Taylor
Facility Manager

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