Blue Spruce Coffee now a
Third Street Center Enterprise

If you have been in the coffee shop lately, you have probably heard that a transition is underway. Starting thismonth, instead of a Third Street Center tenant and project of the Mid Valley Church, Blue Spruce will now be operated as a self-supporting enterprise of the Third Street Center.

Most things relating to the Blue Spruce will remain the same:

  • Great responsibly grown and sourced coffee roasted by Lance Norton (Blue Spruce Roasters)
  • Same space supported by Mid Valley Church (services have moved to Wednesday nights in the Calaway Room).
  • Cali, Landon, and Lance sharing barista duties M-F 8am to 12noon.
  • Coffee, Tea, and snacks available for meetings at the Third Street Center.

The main change is Third Street Center will become the owner of the shop and manage the finances of the business to free up Lance for his main work – ministry.  Lance will still run the shop, but he won’t need do everything to keep the shop open.  

We are also exploring ways for subscribers to access the coffee shop after hours for self-service drip coffee, cold drinks, and snacks – another bonus coming in the future.

Update (November 14, 2019)

Gift Cards coming!

Starting later this month, Blue Spruce will be offering gift cards – all with a 10% discount built into the card.

For example, if you purchase a $25 gift card, we’ll put $27.50 on it. Get a $50 gift card, we’ll put $55 on it. If you purchase a $100 gift card, we’ll put $110 on it.

Use your card, you get the discount.  There is no need to remind the barista 🙂

If you bring you card back to “refill” it, you’ll get the 10% discount again plus a free drip coffee on us.

Thank you for your support of great coffee at the Third Street Center!