The Board Member’s Guide to Raising & Managing Money

(Staff and volunteers invited, too!)

If your board isn’t raising all the money it could — indeed, if your board isn’t raising any money at all — you’re not alone.

Furthermore, if they’re not skilled at financial oversight — “What do all these numbers mean, and what am I supposed to do with them?” — you have a potential problem.

This workshop is designed to help nonprofit board members get over their financial and fundraising phobias. You’ll leave with several practical, specific ideas for increasing board involvement and effectiveness. We’ll discuss:

Redefining fundraising: It’s not just asking for money
Why people give: The psychology of fundraising
Building a board fundraising menu
Five things you should know about your nonprofit’s finances — without looking at a spreadsheet
Creating a one-page financial dashboard to simplify board oversight
Managing financial risks
Helping board members take leadership and hold each other accountable

This is an interactive workshop, so come prepared to engage and practice!

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