The Board Member’s Guide to Raising & Managing Money

Mobilize Your Board: Better Ambassadors Raise More Money

If your board isn’t raising all the money it could — indeed, if your board isn’t raising any money at all — you’re not alone. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the reasons why, and outline strategies to turn things around. You’ll leave with several practical, specific ideas for increasing board engagement, effectiveness, and outreach to your community.

• How to be a better ambassador (listen more, talk less)
• Redefining fundraising: It’s not just asking for money
• Building a board fundraising menu
• Helping board members take leadership and hold each other accountable

This is an interactive workshop, so come prepared to participate!

About the presenter: 

Andy Robinson ( provides training and consulting for nonprofits in fundraising,board development, marketing, earned income, planning, leadership development, facilitation, and train-the-trainer programs. He specializes in the needs of organizations working for human rights, social justice, artistic expression, environmental conservation, and community development.

 Over the past 23 years, Andy has worked with nonprofits in 47 US states and Canada. Recent clients include the Association of Fundraising Professionals, National Main Street Center, American Rivers, the Land Trust Alliance, and many, many local organizations.

 Andy is the author of six books, including Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise His latest is What Every Board Member Needs to Know, Do, and Avoid. When he’s not on the road, he lives in Plainfield, Vermont.

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