Many Ways to Support TSC—Every Gift is Deeply Appreciated!

Your gift will help ensure that the Third Street Center can continue to meet the evolving needs of both our tenants and the community. Depending on the donor’s preferences, your support of TSC can take many forms. Any donation may be made to honor or remember loved ones and friends.


Third Street Partners

Formed in 2011, “Third Street Centers Partners” is a group of special supporters who make annual gifts of $500 to $5,000 and above. This group is vitally important to sustaining our ability to provide affordable stable homes for our nonprofit tenants. However successful the Center is, annual support is necessary to cover operating expenses, fund projects that benefit all our tenants and reduce the long-term mortgage on the building.

The role of the Center’s Partners is to:

Increase understanding of the mission of the Center throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

Serve as a resource for networking with individuals, corporations and foundations.

Support the Center’s mission by making an annual membership donation of $500 or more.

Partners receive an invitation to an annual event to thank them as well as recognition on signage that is prominently displayed within the Center. Most importantly, they receive the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping provide a home for more than two dozen beloved nonprofit organizations.


Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts—in the form of bequests—are another way of supporting the Third Street Center. The Center conducted a very successful $2.2 million capital campaign for the renovation of the building, but, from the start of this enormous undertaking, it was known that costs would far exceed the Center’s fundraising capacity. The renovation necessitated a $2.5 million long-term mortgage.

Although the Center earns income from tenant lease payments, two-thirds of that income is directed annually to paying down this long-term construction loan. Tenant lease payments of $15,000 a month go to paying down the debt. Legacy gifts made over time will be of great benefit to all tenants. They will help free up operating income that can then be used to make much needed improvements that will benefit every tenant.

For those in their retirement years or thinking ahead to that time of life, a planned gift can be a great solution to financial challenges. Such a gift can help you:

Organize your financial future.

Earn tax and other financial benefits.

Leave a legacy.

Support a cause you believe in.

Make a larger gift — with greater impact — than you otherwise could.

There are many types of planned gifts: bequests, trusts, life insurance and annuities that provide you with income during your lifetime. The type of gift that’s right for you depends on your needs. You can also use stock or real property to fund a life income gift that will give you a guaranteed rate of return. You don’t have to wait to take advantage of these investments. And you don’t need to make a six- or seven-figure gift to make a difference!


We welcome your support. Please contact Executive Director Colin Laird, 970.963.3221, if you are interested in making an annual gift or  a legacy gift.


Gifts for Specific Needs

  1. Kitchen Renovation $55,000 - $60,000
  2. Mechanical Systems, Communications & Controls $50,000 - 60,000 (completed)

This project would involve connecting all the thermostats throughout the building with the Facility Manager’s computer and with the energy monitor in the entry hall. The advantage of this coordination would be all thermostats could be controlled and regulated to turn down in evenings and weekends, resulting in cost savings.  The system would also connect with the boiler so it runs more efficiently.

  1. Calaway Room Patio & Overhang $20,000

Create a concrete patio with corrugated roof and metal posts. A patio would increase usage of the building’s outdoor space and the Calaway Room.

Alternative:  Instead of corrugated roof, solar roofing system as at front door. $40,000

  1. Grand Piano
  2. Weatherization Upgrade of Building  $15,000 (completed)

Winterizing the building would include such projects as weather stripping, sealing cracks, caulking, reinsulating, etc.

  1. Rehab of Parking Lot $12,000

This would entail tarring all of the cracks, sealing the asphalt and restriping the lines.  It would not put a layer of chip and seal or asphalt on the top. This project could delay resurfacing for three to five years.

  1. Round Room Lighting $9,000 - 13,000

Usage of the Round Room would be enhanced by having “art” lighting, but funds were not available at the time of the building’s renovation. Tenants have expressed dissatisfaction with the florescent lighting that was installed. It is too harsh, and needs to be softer. A plan was designed that removed 30 – 50% of the florescent lights and replaced them with appropriate art lighting fixtures.  They would need to be regulated separately for varying uses. Depending upon the extent of the lighting add-ons is the variation is the costs.  This project would not only help the tenants’ usage of the space but would also help attract more special events. 

  1. Remote Skylight/Cupola Window Openers (4 @$2,000) $8,000 
  2. Event Center Lighting Retrofit and Painting




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