Naturalist Nights: Eric Odell - "Can Colorado contribute towards conservation of wolverine in the face of climate change?"

03/13/2013 - 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Calaway Room -

In the mid 1990's Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) drafted a document with partners to explore the opportunities to reintroduce lynx and wolverine to the state. The lynx program was implemented and recently deemed a success. Focus has now shifted to examining the potential of conducting a similar (but in many ways different) effort to restore a population of wolverine to the state. Conversations with stakeholders, biologists, and decision makers will frame the path forward if a reintroduction is to take place. This talk will provide an update to the considerations thus far.

Like wolverine, Eric is a Colorado native. After graduating high school, he moved east where he got his BA from Middlebury College. After a variety of field technician jobs and international travel, he returned to graduate school at Colorado State University, where he examined wildlife communities associated with residential development in the Roaring Fork Valley. He was then hired by the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) and his current responsibilities include managing the state-wide conservation programs for non-game carnivore species including the river otter, lynx and wolverine.


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