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Partners Fund Donors Help Keep TSC Affordable

Partners Fund Donors Help Keep TSC Affordable

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the newly renovated Third Street Center opened its doors May 1, 2010. The Center is now home to 40 tenants--26 nonprofits, six complementary for-profits, seven artist studios, and a community friendly café serving delicious homemade soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. The nonprofit programs encompass youth and human services, energy and the environment, community building, and the arts.

Strengthening the bonds of our community life, the Center serves as a vibrant gathering place that is used by countless people for wonderfully diverse purposes. Each week more and more people of all ages come through the doors to use the community rooms available to the public. They take classes to learn new skills, enjoy art openings, mentor students, participate in spiritual growth exercises, celebrate birthdays and weddings, and participate in school-related activities such as student council retreats, volunteer days and, of course, the Roaring Fork High School Prom.

However wonderful a resource the Third Street Center is to so many individuals and families, the job of improving and supporting it is not over. Fulfilling our mission of providing a cost-effective home to nonprofits and promoting community requires ongoing support. Yes, tenant rents and Common Area Maintenance payments towards expenses such as utilities and cleaning pay a portion of the TSC budget. However, added support is needed to keep tenants’ rents and utilities expenses affordable over time.

Donors to our annual Partners Fund help the Third Street Center continue to meet the needs of our tenants for financial relief and long-term security. The Center’s foremost goal is to strengthen nonprofit organizations by providing affordable homes, but this objective cannot be achieved without ongoing assistance from the community.

Our 2014 Partners Fund goal is $65,000. We welcome your support at any level—gifts of any size help TSC reach our goal. Your donation will make a difference!



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