Photos and renting rates of available rooms


Community spaces (the Calaway Community Room, the Round Room, and the Board Room) are available to all tenants free of charge. 

Community Groups interested in renting community rooms should contact the Executive Director.  The current rental rates are in the chart below.

Community Group Rates

Must call ED (963-3221).


Non Profit

For Profit

Board Room (BR) $80/day
Calaway Room (CR)
Two hour Minimum

Round Room (RR)
Evenings and weekends only





There will be a $100.00 cleaning/security deposit for all Community (non tenant) groups.

A room rental is not confirmed until both the room rental policy form and the facility rental agreement form has been signed and the deposit paid to the TSC Executive Director.

Community Rooms

Board Room (10-15)


Board Romm 10-15 people

Calaway Community Room (max 150)


Round Room (max 225)



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