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We hope this newsletter finds you well.

It has been a crazy six months since coronavirus turned our lives upside down. This newsletter is just a way to say hi, summarize what has been happening at Third Street Center since March, and share what we hope to accomplish in the coming months.

Stay Safe 

Stay Well

Although programming and events came to a screeching halt in mid-March, Third Street Center tenants have adapted to the new COVID reality as best they can. Many have moved services online using video conferencing tools to host meetings, counseling, and technical services. The transition was not without hiccups and technical glitches, but many tenants’ services translated reasonably well to online platforms. That is not to say they are as good as in person, but they offer a viable option during a challenging time.

Some groups, like LIFTUP, couldn’t put their services online, but they quickly adjusted their food pick up process to an outdoor drive-thru in less than a week. This past summer Summit 54 used the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet studio for summer school programming when the local schools became unavailable. ASFB’s Folklorico program moved to smaller, non-partner dance classes. Valley Settlement’s Buseito Graduation was turned into a drive-thru to protect teachers, parents, and students.

Dr. Feinsinger, Judith Alvarez and Isabel Almeida launched La Clinica del Puebla to support health goals in the Latino community. ASPIRE Recovery for Women moved into the building when a tenant needed to downsize due to the restrictions forced by the pandemic. Other tenants have worked remotely to continue to provide services.

To learn more about how a specific tenant has adapted their services during COVID-19, contact them directly.  A tenant list and links can be found here.

The Stay at Home Order from Governor Polis in March and the ongoing challenges relating to the coronavirus have challenged everyone in innumerable ways. Despite limiting building access to tenants and losing significant revenue from cancelled room rentals and events, we have been fortunate to be able to pull together the funds to complete some necessary repairs over the last 6 months.

Big thank yous to our Tenant/Partners, a grant from the Town of Carbondale for sewer line repairs, the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, and Alpine Bank for their loan deferral program.

1. Host a Drive-Thru Emergency Food Pick Up (Big Shout out to LIFTUP)

Neither rain, nor snow, or fire has prevented LIFTUP staff and volunteers from getting food to people in need.

2. Fix and line your sewer ✓ (Big Shout Out to All Valley Resource!)

When cast iron sewer lines fail it’s not pretty. The initial failure in one small line had us scrambling all winter to figure out how to repair and protect 50+ year sewer lines and how to pay for the work. Enter All Valley Resource and Carbondale Elementary School Alum Forrest Faulkner. He not only had the tools and technologies to fix our sewer lines without digging them up, but also lining them to extend their life span another 25 years. The price was amazing as well. All we can say is “Wow” and “Thank You.” Big thanks also to Third Street Center tenants who match a grant from the Town of Carbondale to finance the work.

3. Install new exterior doors in the Calaway Room✓

The Sun is Colorado is a powerful force.  Throw in 40-degree temperature swings and the south-facing exterior doors in the Calaway Room have been hammered for a decade, ultimately warping them to the point they couldn’t open close anymore (kind of the definition of a door). So this spring, we were able to get some new better-insulated doors to keep the room cool during the summer and warm in the winter.  Next up: Our main front doors.

4. Dig up and repair broken irrigation lines ✓

The problem with irrigation lines is you never really know there is a problem until water starts bubbling up in your parking lot.  Fortunately, the break was near a tree well so it was fairly accessible.  Mark just needed to dig a big hole in the mud (always fun) to get to the leak.

5. Install aluminum flashing around the roof edge to protect old wood ✓

Colorado’s Sun not only wears out exterior doors, it will also wear out exposed wood, even if it is painted. Aluminum flashing around the edge of the building will preserve the wood and eliminate the need for painting.

6. Host a CSA ✓

When supply lines started to get stressed, we were excited to get fresh fruit and veggies locally.  This was our second year as a drop-off/pick-up site for Mountain Freshies CSA.

We have to agree with author Lewis Grizzard who wrote, “It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown [or local] tomato.”

7. Hand out masks and Practice social distancing ✓

It has been quiet at Third Street Center will no events, workshops, and celebrations.  Many tenants have been working away in their offices, but that is difficult to see when access to the building is limited.  We look forward to a time, hopefully next Spring/Summer, when we can invite the whole community to celebrate Third Street Center’s 10th birthday (birthday video link).

8. Buy more hand sanitizer ✓

Masks and social distancing are the best tools to slow the spread of the virus, but we have lots of hand sanitizer for everyone coming to the building. Our hands have never been so clean.

9. Pump a lot of solar electricity onto the grid ✓

Since April 1, Third Street Center has pumped an average of 7,000 KWH of solar produced electricity onto the grid. In addition to covering the electrical needs of the Third Street Center (albeit in a pandemic), this is enough renewable energy to:

  • Cover the electrical needs of 8 homes for a full month
  • Fully charge a Nissan Leaf Electic Car 175 times
  • Keep a 50 inch LED TV on for 50 years 🙂
It is good to see that some things still work, even in a pandemic.
Check out the Building Energy Navigator for building energy use by public buildings throughout Garfield County.

10. Install air source heat pumps in the Calaway & Board Rooms to move fresh and filtered air into community meeting rooms

As we move into the cooler months, and we can’t open windows as easy to let in the fresh air, we are working to install efficient electric air source heating units that will heat, cool, and filter the air in the Calaway and Board Rooms to further protect users of the rooms from COVID-19.  Both rooms have baseboard heating, so this approach would improve airflow in both rooms in winter and summer.  Since there is no air conditioning in these rooms either, this project has multiple benefits in a post COVID world. Learn more here.

Well, we checked 9 items on the list. Not bad for our first pandemic.

Blue Spruce Coffee is open

with social distancing limits and mask required.

Lance is brewing up his great coffee and offering light snacks. Just in time for the cooler weather and shorter days. After six months, we needed better coffee.

8am to 1pm
Monday – Friday

To encourage social distancing – no more than 4 people in the coffee shop (including Lance) at any one time. Please wear your mask.

To limit waiting in line, you can order online at

You will receive a text when it is ready.

Since access to Third Street Center is limited, curbside and window pickup is also available.

Thanks to the generosity of Manaus Board Member Rob PewSkyhook Solar will be dropping off a Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station for our main parking lot in the coming weeks.

This self-contained charging station can power cars, phone, electric bikes, speakers all from the solar panels and battery that integrated into the design. Since we don’t have electricity in our parking lot (hence our solar parking lights) this a perfect solution and avoids the need to dig up the pavement to install electrical service.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the arrival of the charger.


0% INTEREST Third Street Center is the coordinator of the Carbondale Revolving Loan Fund. The Town of Carbondale (Town) developed the Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF) to enhance the ability of business owners to secure the necessary capital to finance start-ups, operations, or expansion. CRLF now offers 0% bridge loans to help Carbondale businesses navigate the impacts of the pandemic. Learn More about CRLF >>>

The CRLF Loan Committee will also help review grant applications to the Town’s COVID Cares Act Fund.  Carbondale CARES Act funding must be utilized for COVID related business expenses (not revenue replacement). Grant applications of $7,500 or less will be accepted until all the funding is committed.

Apply to the COVID Cares Act Fund >>>

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