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In June 2010, Third Street Center celebrated its Grand Opening after 2+ years of renovation on the old Carbondale Elementary School. We are planning an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our opening and Third Street Center’s impact on Carbondale and the region. If you would like to be part of our anniversary committee and help organize the event, send us an email. We will contact you about upcoming meetings.

Innovative ideas always have some risk behind them.

Although there are multi-tenant nonprofit community centers in large cities across the country, it was not clear that the idea would work in a town as small as Carbondale. Well, it did.

As Third Street Center moves closer to the 10th anniversary of its opening in June 2010, we are thankful for all the support and partnerships that have made this unique facility possible.

Kudos to community members who envisioned the potential of an old school building. Your imagination was crucial to making Third Street Center possible. Special thanks to the Town of Carbondale for embracing this potential and for the land swap that brought the old Carbondale Elementary School into Town ownership, and then creating the 49-year lease to enable the nonprofit Third Street Center to renovate and operate the building. Thanks to Manaus for also seeing the potential and providing the pre-development dollars needed to develop the renovation and operational plan.

Thanks to all the past and current tenants of Third Street Center. Without your partnership and creativity, Third Street Center is just an idea. You made it real and continue to be the foundation for this successful endeavor.

To the larger community of contributors and grantors to the Third Street Center, thank you! Your support has been crucial to ongoing improvements to the facility that weren’t possible during the original renovation (2007-2010) due to limited resources.  With your help, we have invested over $500,000 in planned (and unfortunately, not so planned) improvements and repairs in the facility while continuing to paying down renovation loan debt.

Finally, thanks to Alpine Bank for financing the original renovation.  You did something few banks would and we are grateful for your support.

Community MicroGrid Project

The imagination that brought us Third Street Center 10 years ago, drives us today.

The next 10 years of the Third Street Center offers exciting opportunities to bring even more great ideas and projects to fruition and make Third Street Center even more useful to Carbondale and the region.

Thanks to an initial $100,000 grant from the CORE Randy Udall (TRUE) Energy Pioneer Program, we are embarking on creating a solar-powered microgrid in Carbondale with Third Street Center as a core power provider.

The Net-Zero Community MicroGrid Project will allow Third Street Center to store solar energy in batteries for use in the evening and in emergency situations (like when the in the grid goes down). The goal is to create a modular system so Third Street Center and Town of Carbondale can add more solar production and more storage over time – so eventually all emergency services – town hall, police and fire, water and sewer, doctors offices, community centers can have clean power when the grid goes down.

The project builds on the Town of Carbondale’s adopted a goal of creating a carbon-neutral community and achieving 100% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Key Infrastructure Repairs Needed

In addition to our innovative projects, we have a number of key infrastructure repairs to keep Third Street Center functioning.

Although the original renovation/transformation (2007-2010) of the Carbondale Elementary School into the Third Street Center made important upgrades to the old building (such as removing asbestos, installing ADA restrooms and fire suppression systems, adding skylights and the Round Room Cupola, and upgrading the heating system) ,there were a number of repairs that were postponed for lack of resources. Now is the time to complete them. They include:

  • Fixing, cleaning and lining our sewer lines to prevent failure & extend their lifespan;
  • Repaving the front parking area;
  • Repairing roofing material failure along the Long Hall
  • Upgrading old elementary school restrooms
  • Replace failing exterior doors

Although we always look to grants to help with these repairs, they usually don’t cover all the project costs.  This is where community support is so crucial.  Your support can help us match grant funding and implement these projects.

Legacy Giftsand approaches to reducing or refinancing our debt can help finance needed repairs, so send a note if you are interested in learning more on both fronts.

With over 36 organizations and artists in Third Street Center, a lot happens here. That was the hope when Third Street was founded – create a space and a platform for ideas, programs, and services to flourish.  So far so good.

Below are just a few recent pieces in local media about current (and former) Third Street Tenants making a positive impact in our communities.

Youth Water Leadership Program

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Angel of Hope Mosaic Project
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Creative Awakenings Collaborative
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Ascendigo (which got its start at the Third Street Center but has since moved to a bigger facility) and current tenant, the Way of Compassion Bike Project both received some press in the Aspen Times for all their good work.

Poetry Slam

Aspen Words (another former tenant) continues to use Third Street for its programming.

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The Aspen Science Center is moving into the Third Street Center.

After a few years of working without a place to call home, The Aspen Science Center, is moving into Suite 29 in the Long Hall.  This was the location of Coventure before they outgrew the space and moved to the Spruce Building on Main Steet.

Aspen Science Center will continue offer programming in the local schools, but they will be able to add programming in their space and in the common rooms at the Third Street Center.

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