Facility Plan & Improvements (2015- 2020)

The Third Street Center Facility Plan includes many upgrades and improvements that were not attempted during the original renovation due to funding limitations. Now, after several years of tenants and community members using the building and hundreds of meetings, events and celebrations in our community spaces, we feel these improvements are needed.

To see our evolving Facility Plan document, click here.  You can see our efforts and progress below.


2018-2022  Planned Improvements

  • Implementing Phase 2 of the Gym Renovation (improved sound  lighting  AC ambiance and flooring);
  • Installing new exterior doors at the main entrance
  • Installing new exterior doors in the Calaway Room ;
  • Renovating the main men’s restroom;
  • Cleaning and lining our sewer lines to extend the useful life (they are old and cast iron) and prevent failure
  • Expanding parking on our east side (including an east entrance to the building for tenants and events).
  • Improving the main parking lot (including repaving, better lighting, ADA parking close to the main entrance), solar awnings and EV chargers; and
  • Installing solar awnings and an event plaza on the south side of the building and Community Hall.

Capital Improvement Areas