EV Charging at Third Street

EV Charging at Front of Building

(Capacity 1 vehicle)

Special Thanks to Rob Pew and Skyhook Solar
for making this station possible.

EV Charging at Back of Building

(Capacity 4 vehicles)

Special Thanks to State of Colorado
Charge Ahead Program
for making these stations possible.

Front of Building Charging Station

Back of Building Charging Stations

EV Replacement RFP

(Back of Building)

Third Street Center, a community nonprofit center, is requesting bids for the installation of 2 dual port Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. 

We are upgrading our current EV charging stations on the east side of Community Hall at the back of the building (see aerial).

The current stations are 2 dual head stations, 240 per head. Panel feed is 40 amp per head, 10 awg wire is fed to the outdoor gutter/junction via 3/4“ conduit. There is a need to upgrade wire size and run an additional ¾” conduit to accommodate the additional wire. Existing panel is sufficient to allow upgrades, concrete slabs for stations are in place with buried conduit to existing stations.

Preferred changing station capabilities:

  • Retractable cords (to keep cords off of the floor)
  • Open source software
  • Network reporting capabilities
  • Serviceable
  • Group management: Ability to charge some users on a delivered kWh basis, while offering charging to our Tenants for free. Ability to charge for parking fees. 
  • Send notifications to users
  • 5 year networking plan
  • Product and parts warranty (5 year preferred)

Our installation goal is Nov 30, 2022. Project budget not to exceed $23,000. Priority will be given to proposals that come below this number.

Please submit proposals by email to facilities@thirdstreetcenter.net 

by 5pm on October 21, 2022.

Infrastructure Photos / Back of Building

Breaker box

Conduit to ceiling

Conduit across the ceiling to east wall of
Community Hall.

Controls outside of Community hall.

Conduit is underground to two pedestals.
Closeup of a current charger.

The current chargers and Mr. Kitty
(who may want to help with the project)