The Sharing Economy

The Third Street Center is based on the notion that working together, organizations can achieve more than they can working alone. Partnering to share space, services, and ideas creates a new economic reality for the individual organizations and the community. sharing revolution

Instead of every organization having its own board meeting room, at Third Street, organizations share one with each other and the larger community.  The same approach applies to the larger Calaway Community Room. Organizations also share a large copier, wi-fi, break rooms, and ideas.

Third Street Center has also made a large commitment to green energy and energy efficiency within the building – both which benefit the bottom line of all the organizations in the building.

The Third Street Center is a commons for all to share in, contribute to, and benefit from – and we’ve just gotten started.


The Board Room


The Calaway Room


Community Room booking calendar

“A commons arises whenever a given community decides it wishes to manage a resource in a collective manner, with special regard for equitable access, use and sustainability.”

– David Bollier