Thanks to two initial gifts we are already 25% toward reaching that goal. This is one of Carbondale’s most under-utilized spaces. Imagine a revitalized space that hosts performances, celebrations and community events of all types, night and day. With your help we can get to work in the spring of 2017 and have the space ready to go next summer.

The Gym Renovation Project will not only result in daylight streaming into the space from windows, doors and skylights, we want to upgrade the space so it can host a much greater range of events – during the day as well as at night. Our Calaway Room already hosts an amazing range of events and activities and we’d like the gym to be able to do the same – at 3x times the size.

This fundraising campaign will enable a number of Gym enhancements including:

  • Six big windows
  • Doors with windows
  • Two Skylights
  • Repositionable seating
  • Additional interior upgrades

Your contribution to support the Gym renovation campaign helps the Third Street Center in three distinct ways:

  • Enhance an already important community asset and help it meet community needs for space for workshops, events and celebrations.
  • Increase Third Street Center earned income potential. As an independent nonprofit organization, 85% of our operating revenue is earned through below-market leases and rentals.
  • Build on the legacy of turning old infrastructure into new possibilities through innovative thinking and community partnerships.

Help rename the Gym

Visit our Facebook page and suggest a new name for the Gym space.


Interior renderings showing how light and color can change the current Gym space.


Rendering above by Charlie Manus, Architectural Illustrator


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