Thank You for helping to complete
Phase 1 of the Gym Renovation!

From this . . .

. . . to THIS!

A room with windows.

Onto Phase 2!

THANK YOU to our Phase 1 Funders!

We are working to raise
$110,000 $50,000 to complete Phase Two.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us make progress on
Phase 2 Improvements thus far:

Jim & Connie Calaway | Bill Spence & Sue Edelstein | Rob Pew |
The Alpenglow Foundation | Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist |
Distinguished Boards & Beams

PHASE One (2017)  

The new name of the Gym

  • Cutting windows and doors into walls 
  • New windows 
  • New Doors
  • Repainting the space 
  • Window shades 

PHASE Two (2018-2019)

  • New name and sign 
  • Sound and lighting for events ($15,000) 
  • Acoustic improvements ($15,000) 
  • AC upgrade  ($3,000) 
  • Floor & Carpet/upholstery cleaning machine ($10,000) 
  • Additional tables and seating ($10,000)
  • New flooring ($45,000)
  • Stage Curtains ($10,000)

Columns with new lights & acoustic treatment

We are working to secure funding for new flooring (which is currently painted tile on concrete) to complete Phase 2 improvements.


  • Upgrade access and parking on the east side of the Gym
  • Solar awnings for windows and doors
  • Plaza on west side of Gym that connects to Calaway room

The Gym Renovation Project will not only result in daylight streaming into the space from windows, doors, we want to upgrade the space so it can host a much greater range of events – during the day as well as at night. Our Calaway Room already hosts an amazing range of events and activities and we’d like the gym to be able to do the same – at 3x times the size.

New lights at night

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