Legacy Program

Third Street Center’s Legacy Program offers the unique opportunity to support TSC’s work immediately while the actual gift is given later at estate disbursement.

To date, we have received $900,000 in through our Legacy Program, which have helped reduce the monthly debt service on the construction loan that helped renovate the facility from an old elementary school.  

Gifts pledged to the Third Street Center for a future date allows more of our earned income go to much-needed capital improvements projects like the Gym Renovation Project, Restroom Upgrades, Sewer Pipe Lining, Parking Improvements, a Community Kitchen and additional Solar Energy Production. 


This innovative program was designed by Richard Fuller (while at Alpine Bank), Jim Calaway, and former TSC director Jody Ensign.  Jim and Connie Calaway were the initial Legacy Program donors.

The transformation of the old Carbondale Elementary School into the Third Street Center required a $4.5M capital campaign. Roughly of that goal was raised from community members, local and state government, and local, state and national foundations. The balance of resources for the renovation came in the form of a tax-exempt conduit bond (loan) through the support of the Town of Carbondale and Alpine Bank.

Renting space in the renovated Third Street Center to 36 nonprofit organizations, artists and small businesses at below-market rates supports payment of the low-interest loan from Alpine Bank.

Our goal is to raise $1.2M in Legacy Gifts to help retire the Alpine Bank Loan and create a Capital Improvement Fund for the building.

Please contact Executive Director Colin Laird, 970.963.3221 or Board President Chris McDowell, (970) 379-7868 if you have questions and are interested in making a legacy gift.