A fundamental question in any project is – do we build anew or do we re-purpose the old? With the old Carbondale Elementary School, this community decided to reimagine, repurpose, and renovate the old into an asset that is day lit, solar powered, and community oriented . .

exterior entry old

Add creative, innovative and inspiring organizations .exterior entry newworking to make the world a better place through art, community development, empowerment, land conservation, clean energy, and social services . . .

Mix in community meetings, regional gatherings, workshops, concerts, movies, plays, quinceanaras, and weddings . . .

and you get one of the most unique community spaces in the region.

In its design, operation and use, the Third Street Center is a model for how to transition our world toward a more sustainable future.

“One of the many things that make Carbondale a remarkable community is its culture of volunteerism and civic engagement.  I view the creation of the Center as a crucial step in the preservation and enhancement of this culture. The Third Street Center represents a rare vision – and a rare opportunity.”

Michael Hassig,
Mayor of Carbondale 2002-2010
Honorary Co-Chair
Third Street Center Campaign