Tenant Partners

18, 20 – Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
24A – Aspen Words & VOICES
11A – The Artist’s Vision
30 – The Buddy Program

4  – Calaway Community Room

3 – Carbondale Chamber of Commerce
10 – Caroline Norquist – Artist
36B –
17 & 7 – CLEER: Clean Energy Economy For the Region
7 – CORE: Community Office for Resource Efficiency &  CLEER: Clean Energy Economy For the Region

11B – Dave Durrance, Artist

24D – Davi Nikent

21 – Gym/Events Center

2 – Evergreen Events
29 & 26 – Ascendigo (formerly Extreme Sports Camp)
19 – Grassroots Television
34–Hone Williams, Portraits
10 – Jill Scher, Fiber Artist
24B – In & Out Driving School
35 – Lift-Up
6 – Lisa Singer Art Studio
9  – The Manaus Fund
1A – Marble Retreat
22A  Mid Valley Church
4A – Nomi’s Translation & Bookkeeping
10 – Pam Porter, Artist
12 – A New Path
33 – Senior Matters
16 – Solar Rollers / Energetics Education
22B – SOL Energy LLC
15 – SoL Theater Company
36 – The Sopris Sun
5 – Spellbinders
31 – A Spiritual Center

1B – Third Street Center Administration

23 – Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists
24C – Youthzone
9  – Valley Settlement Project
28Way of Compassion FoundationMindful Life Program
27 – Wilderness Workshop

Please Note:

Carbondale Arts (formerly CCAH) is now @ the Launchpad at Fourth and Main Street

A. Board Room  |  B. Calaway Room |  C. Round Room |  D. Gym

Rest Rooms  tsc_b-room_blue-40px

A packed gym during Poetry Slam Feb 2015


Collaboration in Action in the Calaway Room

Resident Artists Dave Durrance and Lisa Singer in front
 of their entryway mural they completed last fall.

Resident Artists Dave Durrance and Lisa Singer in front
 of their entryway mural they completed in fall 2014.


Valley Settlement Graduation Celebration


Aspen Words



Davi Nikent

In & Out Driving School


Manaus Fund / Valley Settlement Project



Chamber of Commerce



Third Street Center


Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Aspen Words

Carolyn Norquist

Davi Nikent

Dave Durrance

Hone Williams

Pam Porter

Jill Scher

Lisa Singer

Karen Trulove

Stage of Life (Sol) Theatre Company

Third Street Center





Evergreen Zero Waste

Sol Energy, LLC

Third Street Center

Wilderness Workshop


A New Path


A Spiritual Center

Marble Retreat

Mindful Life Program

Mid Valley Church

Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists

Youth Zone

Way of Compassion Foundation