Community Room Calendar

We use a simple google calendar for tenants to make reservations in the Calaway Room, The Board Room and the Round Room.

If you need to schedule Community Hall, please contact Colin first as there is a small fee for the use of this bigger space.

If you need to schedule rooms and have not been invited into the new calendar, send an email to Colin, and we’ll get you set-up. 🙂

After you accept the invitation, Google will place the Third Street Center calendar in the “other calendars” section of your own calendar (see below).  (If you don’t use gmail, let us know.)

When you book a room, make sure to select the Third Street Center calendar from your menu of options so it shows up on the TSC calendar and not just your own 🙂

There is a delay between the google calendar and the webpage, so if you don’t see your meeting on the webpage (and it is a public meeting you want others to see), send an email and we will check it out).

Let us know if you need any help setting things up or run into problems.

Community Room Calendar Etiquette

Please use the following format when reserving a room:

Room Acronym – Your Organizational Name.

For Example BR – Third Street Center

Room Acronyms

  • BR – Board Room
  • CR – Calaway Room
  • CH – Community Hall
  • RR – Round Room

(Room descriptions are here)

It is also helpful to include contact info in the description in case someone needs to get it touch with you about your reservation.

As you will see in trying to book a room, Third Street Center is a busy place. The rooms are a shared resource that we want every tenant to benefit from. If you make a reservation that occurs each week or each month, please, please, please, check routinely that you actually need the room and delete the reservation if you don’t need it. A reserved room with no one it is a scenario we want to avoid.

If you see a space is booked, feel free to reach out to whomever booked it and check on their flexibility.  Sometimes the shift of meetings and spaces is easy.

Remember to leave any room you use clean and organized for the next user (which could be you:) This means putting chairs and tables back in their original locations, turning lights off, putting AV away, lifting blinds if you lowered them, and cleaning up food, etc. if you had any. Paying it forward will come back to you.

Include set up and clean up in your reservation. Doing so takes pressure of the exchange between users. For example, if your event is at Noon but you need to set the room up for 30 minutes, please start your reservation at 11:30am.

Contact Mark or Colin with any set up, AV, or scheduling questions.