Connecting to the Third Street Printer requires three steps & a bit of patience.

  1. Installing the printer software from RICOH
  2. Adding the printer to your computer
  3. Adding the passcode to your documents so the printer will recognized them

1. Installing the Printer Software:

Go to the RICOH site and download the driver software appropriate to your operating system (Windows or Mac).users:

Select your operating software version, then download the file.


Go to your Downloads folder and double click on the Ricoh file to install the software.

Adding a new printer to your computer

WINDOWS computer

Open settings or control panel and select “add a device” or “add a printer”


Select Add a Printer


Add a Printer using TCIP/ IP Address2017-01-11_1216

Add the TSC printer IP address

You should get a box like this if you are successful.  Now onto actually printing a document using you passcode.2017-01-11_1218

MAC Computer

Click on Apple on upper left of you screen and click on System Preferences. You will open the printer dialogue box.


(A) Add the new printer. Press the + to add the printer.

(B) Select IP and add the printer’s IP address (, then select internet Printing Protocal – IPP for the  Protocol option.

(C) add the new software you just installed. Click on Select Software and type in  C2053.  Select RICOH MP C2053 PS then select the Ricoh MP C2503.

The Third Street Printer should be added to your list of printers.


Printing a Document

All Microsoft Word Users:

Step 1: In your Word document select File and then Print.  You will see this print box. Be sure that the IP address of the Third Street Printer is selected at the printer.


Step 2: Select Copies & Pages and scroll down to Job Log. Make sure the Enable User Code is checked, then add the user code (check with Colin or Mark is you don’t have one or can’t remember it.)


Step 3: Save your settings by selecting Presets and Save Current Settings . . . You can then call the settings something like “TSC printer” and you are good to go.2015-06-22_1137