Gym Renovation Project

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Streaming Sunlight & Bigger Events

The Third Street Center opened in 2010 after a two year renovation that turned the old Carbondale Elementary School into an energy efficient, day-lit, multi-tenant community center. The renovation was a collaborative effort between the Town of Carbondale, Alpine Bank, the Manaus Fund and many other organizations and individuals who gave time, inspiration and resources to complete the $4.5M project.

Six years later, the Third Street Center has become a hub of activity. It is home to 26 nonprofit organizations,several artists and few community-serving for profit organizations – all working to improve the lives of people in Carbondale and beyond. Third Street Center community spaces are host to tenant meeting and workshops as well as performances, community events and celebrations.

One space was not included in the original renovation – the old elementary school gym. It had a brief life as a concert venue and it routinely hosts plays, movies and quniceñearas, but a key missing ingredient has limited the gym’s usefulness – daylight. Right now, the space is under utilized during the day.

The Gym Renovation Project will not only result in daylight streaming into the gym from windows, doors and skylights, we want to upgrade the space so it can host a much greater range of events – during the day as well as at night. Our Calaway Room already hosts an amazing range of events and activities and we’d like the gym to be able to do the same – at 3x times the size.

Your support will light up the gym and allow other important enhancements:

  • Six big windows
  • Glass doors
  • Two skylights
  • Repositionable seating
  • Sound dampening wall panels
  • Interior improvement (lighting, painting, flooring)

Current Gym space – during the day

Rendering of Gym space after renovation by Charlie Manus

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